16 Valuable Tips for Frequent Business Travelers

Are you constantly traveling for work? These incredible tips for frequent business travelers can make your life much easier. Book your transportation today.

When you travel for business on a regular basis, it pays off to have solid strategies for ensuring your trips are stress-free. From packing to getting through the airport, we’ll provide some immensely helpful tips for frequent business travelers. 

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Useful Tips for Frequent Business Travelers

Below, we list a multitude of business travel tips to make your work travels easier and more enjoyable:

1. Travel With Carry-on Only

Checking your bags can take up a lot of time, and airlines losing luggage is all too common. Skip the lines and the chance of losing your belongings by packing light and bringing just a carry-on bag.

2. Make a Travel Kit With the Essentials

If you’re bouncing between cities every few weeks, you could optimize your packing by keeping a travel kit containing toiletries separate from the ones you use at home. That way, your essentials are always ready to go and you reduce chances of forgetting something.

3. Prevent Clothing Wrinkles

Put your clothes in garment bags or pack wrinkle release spray to keep your clothes looking neat and professional for meetings.

4. Pack Casual and Workout Clothes

You likely won’t be spending every minute working on your trip, so don’t forget to pack clothes for exploring the city during your down time. Also, bring your gym clothes so you can work out and stay healthy while traveling for business.

5. Review Carry-on Item Guidelines

Make sure you follow security guidelines, such as keeping liquids in containers smaller than 3.4 ounces. Getting stopped by agents at the security checkpoint can take up valuable time.

6. Pack Sleep Items

If you have trouble sleeping in unfamiliar places, you should bring along items to help you fall asleep, whether it’s your favorite pillow or comfortable headphones for blocking out noise.

7. Get Perks With Rewards Programs

When you sign up for rewards programs at hotels and airlines, you can quickly gain enough points for excellent perks during your business travels.

8. Check In Online

The check-in lines at airports can get incredibly long, but you can bypass them by checking in online. Most airlines have apps that you can use for your boarding pass and getting flight information.

9. Sign Up for Faster Security and Customs Programs

You can drastically speed up the amount of time you spend in airports by getting memberships for programs like TSA PreCheck, Global Entry, and CLEAR.

10. Acquire an Airport Lounge Membership

Airport lounges are like an oasis, a place you can relax, eat food, and get some work done away from all the noise and bustle of the main terminal.

11. Confirm Reservations Before Your Trip

Don’t let problems surprise you in the middle of your trip; check your reservations to ensure everything is in order a few days before you travel, including your plane ticket, hotel room, rental car, etc.

12. Book Transportation Services

Getting a professional chauffeur to pick you up from the airport and take you wherever you need to go saves time, prevents stress, and makes your business trip much more convenient and comfortable.

13. Save Offline Versions of Important Files and Info

Just in case you can’t use the internet at your destination, you should save important information on your phone or laptop, such as your itinerary.

14. Pack a Portable Battery

It’s not always easy to find a power outlet when you need one, so having a fully charged portable battery with you can save you from suffering a dead phone.

15. Scan Your Receipts With Helpful Apps

You need to keep up with your expenses to get reimbursements, but keeping paper receipts can be a nuisance. Luckily, you can find apps that allow you to take pictures of and save your receipts in one convenient place.

16. Give Yourself Time for Fun

Just because you’re traveling for business doesn’t mean you can’t give yourself some extra time to have fun. Schedule an extra day or two in the city to have a mini-vacation.

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